Welcoming two new members of the team

We’re delighted to have two new members of our team, Ene and Emma. 

Ene will be leading new small group community baking sessions. Ene has been part of our community for more than a year now, known especially to our Friday bread makers for her innovative approaches and her delicious bread. We know that Ene will share laughter and skills as she develops a covid safe environment for our community bread making. 

Ene says: “I’m looking forward to start welcoming back our bakers in the new year to our new covid safe sessions. I’m delighted to be part of the wonderful Bread Together team!”

And Emma joins us to host some special bread-baking events throughout 2021. As well as teaching yoga classes via her business, The Good Food Yogi, she’s also known for her delicious plant-based cookery classes, workshops and weekend retreats.

We look forward to sharing her nutritional knowledge on all things bread and plant-based.  Emma says: “I’m really excited to be joining Bread Together and their fun and friendly community. I can’t wait to get into some great venues and bring some exciting workshops in 2021. We’ve already started planning some really fun themed events.”  

Visit Emma’s website at www.thegoodfoodyogi.co.uk

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