Our Community

Martina Ŕeháková was our micro bakery project manager from July 2019 until March 2020, when she returned to the Czech Republic just after lockdown which meant we couldn’t say goodbye and THANK YOU VERY MUCH to her in person.  

Martina contributed SO much to our bread making community and to setting up our micro bakery. Here she tells us why she loves bread making (and our micro bakery too): 

“Community bread making just helped me not to go crazy literally. We had been relocated to Chester with my family during summer and I had been with my one-year old son at home alone. I found out that all activities had been closed and I didn’t know anybody in Chester. After few weeks of desperate loneliness with a beloved toddler we were very glad to find bread baking sessions at the Wesley. We appreciated the warm welcome by the group of nice people as well as the craft of bread baking. That’s why we became regular attendants and enjoyed each session.  

“I was always looking for some activity to enjoy together with my son – not only doing some kids activities because of my son, but something both of us can enjoy and be enriched by. And bread baking was perfect match. Not only the process of baking the bread but from working with flour, kneading the dough and taking your tasty bread home – which I think is a big lesson learned for my son.

“For me the micro bakery was the perfect connection of work and hobby. It wasn’t about making bread. First of all, it was about working with people, communicating with customers as well with bakers. But there was a business part of it as well. Sorting different kinds of things in the kitchen, the stock, the rotas, in the orders. I enjoyed how colourful the work was and hearing positive feedback from happy bakers and satisfied customers.’ 


Helen Carrington was our Chief Baker, who worked for us until March 2021.  A former pâtissier, her many skills include looking after hens, horses and dogs, plus working with adults living with (dis)abilities.  We want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Helen who has contributed so much to our work, and has been so fun to work with. AND we look forward lots to her joining us as a guest baker from time to time.

Helen shares what working at Bread Together meant to her:  “The micro bakery sessions were the highlight of my week.  Getting together with a group of people and producing tasty, healthy bread is a great experience for everyone.  We had great fun chatting and learning lots together.”