Our Story

*Update December 2020* Very sadly we’ve had to cease completely all our community activities due to COVID-19. We are now in the first steps of planning how to operate our micro bakery again, and Laura, our project manager, has been working on this.  Bread Together welcomes everyone who’d like to join in with our activities. We have missed all our activities during lockdown, and our core group are currently thinking up new ways for us to work together.

You can read some of our story here in an article written to celebrate Real Bread Week in 2020 https://www.sustainweb.org/jelliedeel/articles/feb20_together_we_rise_bread_together/

Why Bread Together?

We spent ages deciding on our name, wanting it to sum up what makes bread making at the Wesley special (and we decided it was because we’re making bread together). We wanted to express our communal identity through a logo, and asked one of our regular bread makers, Penny, to wield her usual magic with her multi-coloured pens and design skills. Key to our logo was the use of as many colours as possible, to express the inclusivity which is Bread Together, and the diverse range of skills and life experiences which everyone brings to our bread making sessions.

Here’s Penny with a round of her wholemeal rolls. Penny consulted with us lots as she developed her design for the logo, bringing in drafts which we all discussed. She ended up creating this fab design which we love for its vibrancy and for the circle shape too.

We loved our regular bread making sessions, Wednesdays and Fridays, 10 am-ish onwards, at the Wesley Church Centre, as anyone could pop by, contribute about £2/£3 donation towards costs, and after about 2 hours or so have made bread products to take home. We are planning new ways to enjoy our activities in the future in the light of COVID-19 restrictions.

We always enjoy welcoming different visitors.  In April 2019 we welcomed David Briggs, the Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire who enjoyed eating a fresh out of the oven pizza and helped out too.

In conjunction with the Wesley we enjoyed two bread making workshops with a local school. We also ran a series of bespoke themed workshops at the Hawarden Farm Estate Shop, where we made specialities such as Yorkshire Spiced Bread. Often the evenings there were sunny, so it was possible to sit outside to enjoy the snacks provided by Hawarden Farm Estate Shop whilst the bread was proving, and on a couple of occasions we made the bread outside too (also appreciated by the local raven who flew off with a Middle Eastern bread ring!).

A video, thanks to @canteencreate, done as a test shoot this summer in Hawarden. We’re making enriched festive bread, challah….