Emma Garland – Bespoke Workshop Leader

Emma will be hosting bespoke bread making workshops in 2021, where she will share her passion for fantastic tasting bread.

“I’ve always had a passion for cooking and baking since an early teen, cooking for my family regularly. I find ingredients and what goes into food very interesting and feel the benefits of eating good, healthy food. There are many reasons for changing your lifestyle and diet, and this tends to have an impact on how closely you stick to it. The more you research and learn, the more easily you find it is to stick to it. 

“For me, I made the change to being completely plant-based over 4 years ago, once I learned of the huge impact the meat, dairy and fishing industry has on the environment. It’s the biggest contributor to climate change, so we must make changes to sustain our planet.  

I’m currently reading up about our microbiome, which is essentially our gut health and it changes constantly. Having just one plant-based meal can change your microbiome for the better, within an hour. Imagine, what eating plant-based, every single day can do! What we eat has the biggest impact on our health.  

“Since switching from a vegetarian, I am predominantly plant-based, and I choose to cook with all- natural ingredients, organic where possible, like lots of fruit and vegetables.   

“I’ve also been researching sourdough and the excellent health benefits of it. Making your own sourdough is certainly a learning curve but hugely satisfying. It does mean that I can easily prepare and have sourdough throughout the week to make meals and also have some quick go to recipes like flatbreads, waffles and pancakes.  

“I’ve hosted a few plant-based cookery classes over the last few years, to help share my knowledge and passion for good, healthy, tasty plant-based food for our bodies and how making time for this should be a priority.  

“Don’t beat yourself up if you decide to be predominantly vegan/plant-based one day and not the next. It’s certainly a slow process to go fully plant-based but it’s worth it, to really taste and most importantly benefit from the goodness of a carrot. As you go along your journey and introduce more plant-based meals, I can guarantee that you’ll start to crave less of the unhealthier foods. Your gut will recognise the healthy food and start shouting louder to get more of it. And when it does get the unhealthy ‘treats’ once in a while, it will certainly remind you why it doesn’t like them anymore!”