In January 2020 we set up a micro bakery. It’s a professional kitchen where we can bake delicious bread to sell to the people of Chester and beyond.

It’s been tough, as for everyone, over the past couple of years, but we’re still here. On Saturday 19th February 2022 for Real Bread Week we are having a stall at Just Footprints in the Forum Shopping Centre, Chester, selling our signature breads as well as focaccia and grissini. From 1 pm onwards. If you’d like to reserve any bread, or find out more please email community@breadtogether.org.uk

Cecilia Moglia from Boulangerie Cecile has joined our team as our current lead baker. It’s excellent to work with her as she shares her amazing skills with our team.

We’ve asked her a few questions:

1)What do you love about bread?

For me bread represents life and conviviality.

Bread is a food that is shared on the tables with friends and family, it is a simple product both in structure and in preparation, but it requires a lot of patience and love.

I am a lover of bread because I find that in Italian cuisine it is the most used and most versatile product, on my table it never fails!

2) What is your first memory of baking bread?

Always, in my house, we cooked during the occasions and moments of every day.

My family and in particular,my grandmother, have always taught me and my sisters,the importance and respect for food, from growing it in a vegetable garden to harvesting and preparing a meal;

Surely I started to approach bread and bakery products in a more professional way when I started cooking school in Italy. Over time I got closer to bakery and pastry

3) Tell us something about your hometown

I was born in Chieri, a small town in Piedmont.

Even if I didn’t live there for a while, I always considered it as my home city. Chieri is a quiet town located on one of the hills of Turin, famous for the artistic works related to religion scattered through the streets of the city. You can also find many culinary pearls famous throughout Italy such as “Focaccia di chieri”, “Rubata” bread sticks “, the Freisa di Chieri wine” particular of its kind, etc.

4) Do you have a favourite spot in Chester?

The city of Chester I remember Chieri a lot, both for how it was built and above all because it is a Roman city just like many small towns in Italy. I don’t have a favorite place, but I like them and go to restaurants or pubs that offer authentic cuisine, whether it’s Italian, English or other nationalities. I like to go in search of new places that reflect the real cuisine they come from.

5) Could you tell us a little about Boulangerie Cecile? 

Boulangerie cècile is a recently born project, which however had already been developing in my dreams for a long time. The company aims to bring the concept of the Italian bakery / pastry shop to England and specifically to Chester. For now it is a small company that certainly aims to grow and make the concept of dessert known in Italy, even abroad. All the products that the company produces are in any case traditional of Italian cuisine, with some exceptions of French products, having spread in the north of Italy, therefore present in Piedmontese bakeries and pastry shops.