Celebrating Real Bread Week

Bread Together has delivered homemade sourdough making kits this week to bakers across Chester to mark Real Bread Week, which runs from 20-28th February.  

The handmade kits include sourdough starter, quality flour, sea salt, recipe and shower cap to help people make tasty and nutritional loaves at home.   

Sourdough kits for Real Bread Week 2021
Sourdough kits created for Real Bread Week 2021

Every year we support Real Bread Week – the international celebration of home-made bread, led by the Real Bread Campaign. The worldwide event aims to encourage people to buy bread from local, independent bakeries, to bake their own bread at home and support Sustain, the charity behind the Real Bread Week. 

To make a great loaf (or any type of bread shape – it can be pittas, bagels, naans – the list is endless,) using quality ingredients is important. Mass produced bread contains additives whereas real bread is made with addictive free flour, one that’s ideally wholemeal or stoneground. We buy ours from Walk Mill, a wheat flour mill in Waverton, Cheshire. Real bread should also contain a low amount of salt levels and certified organic ingredients.  

To learn more about the Real Bread, visit www.realbreadcampaign.org